Open for Urgent Needs

Thank you, West Linn (and the surrounding community) for participating in the great “stay at home” party COVID-19 is throwing. In these challenging times, we want to make sure you are doing well.

Please stay connected with others emotionally and spiritually, and try to get some physical activity in every day (while keeping a good distance from others).

We can often neglect ourselves in trying situations. Please do take time to practice self-care and don’t forget good eye health practices. If you are having any eye problems, we can still help you! Are you running low on contact lenses? Do you have a red eye? Are you having any eye irritation? Do you have any eye concerns at all?

We can have contact lenses shipped to your home. We can talk to you by phone to see if your eye concern needs urgent attention (and if it does, meet you at the office). Just because we are socially distancing ourselves doesn’t mean we need to ignore eye problems!

Just call or text 503-878-2000 and we will help you out.