The Challenge of Change

With the challenge of change comes the opportunity for reflection and growth.

If you’ve been in the office lately you may have noticed that You & Eye has undergone some significant changes. It took a while to write this blog post as we wanted to be sure that things were settled before drawing attention to the changes.

Both Destiny and Bronte have decided to move on to other opportunities. Destiny joined our team three years ago and was a God-send. She worked very hard and was extremely helpful in getting the practice through its early growth. We want to congratulate her on her recent marriage and thank her for her years of service to the practice and West Linn. She will be missed by Dr. Pearce as well as many of the patients she has interacted with.

Bronte made the difficult, but brave, decision to dive into school full-time. We wish her all the best in her studies and know that she will do great in the career she is pursuing.

These staffing changes have brought about new challenges. Luckily, Dr. Pearce is not one to shy away from challenges. From providing care in remote Alaskan villages to living in difficult circumstances in the Middle East to creating and teaching curriculum to train nurses in the South Pacific, to starting a practice in West Linn, she has met these challenges and more head-on.

The great thing about life challenges is how they force reflection and encourage growth. Through the exhaustion of working longer hours, through the need to re-learn certain tasks, through the sadness of saying goodbye to wonderful people, reflection on ways to improve patient experiences and make a bigger impact on West Linn occurs. Ideas sprout. Plans are made. While we will miss Destiny and Bronte, we truly believe that even better things are in store for our patients and West Linn through the work we are doing.

We want to invite you in for routine or medical eye care, to see some of the new frame lines that have been brought in, to meet our new optician, DawnRachele, or just to say “hi”. We love being a part of West Linn and appreciate the community we’ve found here!

If you’re looking for work, we are still hiring! We are looking for someone to work the front desk and assist in the optical. Email us at for more information.