World Sight Day!

World Sight Day is this Thursday, October 8th!

World Sight Day is an annual event designed to draw attention to global blindness and visual impairment.

The theme of World Sight Day this year is one that You & Eye are firm believers in: Eye care for all.

There are 285 million blind individuals in the world today. 80% of that blindness is avoidable (either through prevention or treatment) and 90% is in the developing world.
Much of the world’s blindness is due to a lack of eye care providers and infrastructure. Low-cost prevention and treatment is available for the leading causes of blindness and visual impairment if they can just be brought to the people needing them.

We believe, therefore, that the solution to avoidable blindness is found in training and supporting local eye care providers throughout the world.

Drs. Pearce were fortunate enough to be able to spend time (2.5 years) with some wonderful eye care providers in the South Pacific. They were tasked with helping to train these tireless, dedicated eye care providers. It was an amazing experience that Drs. Pearce reflect on often.

In celebration of World Sight Day this year, You & Eye will be making a donation to the Pacific Eye Institute (PEI). PEI trains nurses, doctors, and health technicians from throughout the South Pacific to provide high-quality eye care in their remote island countries. Your support of You & Eye this week will help support an amazing institution devoted to “eye care for all”. A percentage of all sales this week will be donated to PEI. We will also accept donations to PEI throughout the week.

Come in and talk to us about our time at PEI and be encouraged that the solution to avoidable blindness and visual impairment exists, it just needs to be nurtured!