Happy World Sight Day 2015

You & Eye is committed to accessible, high-quality, evidence-based eye care for all. We believe that excellent eye care should be available to people no matter their socioeconomic status, gender, religious beliefs, age, where they live, and so on.

This is not currently the case. There are 285 million people blind or visually impaired in the world. 80% of this impairment is avoidable through prevention or treatment. A lack of local human resources prevents many from accessing eye care in their local communities. Many others are denied services due to an inability to pay. Others are not able to avail themselves of care due to cultural barriers.

You & Eye strives to make eye care for all a reality locally and globally. We provide charitable care locally. We conduct and publish research on how to best provide care in the developing world (Dr. Matthew Pearce will be headed to Fiji and Samoa in November to collect research data aimed at examining a portion of the eye care system). We support sustainable programs aimed at developing human resources in the developing world and providing eye health education to overcome cultural barriers.

Join us today, World Sight Day, in recognizing the importance of eye care and the inequity in its availability. Consider scheduling your eye exam with You & Eye so that you can be assured that you are experiencing your best vision and that your eyes are healthy and so that you can help support the push for eye care for all!